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Baierbrunner Str. 15 81379 München

The Munich office is conveniently located in the south of the city - with a stunning view of the Alps depending on a weather phenomenon called foehn.    

Local Tips

How to reach our office
The subway station Obersendling connects the office with the city center Marienplatz in only 11 minutes. Need to go to the airport? Catch the subway, get off at Marienplatz and take the train. In 53 minutes you have made it.
In need of refreshment?
250 years ago the restaurant Asam-Schlössl was the country estate of the famous painter Cosmas Damian Asam. Since the early nineties of the last century the former castle is a popular Bavarian restaurant with a nice beer garden in the summertime.
Time to explore?
Enjoy the famous but idyllic English Garden and walk along the river Isar to the zoo Hellabrunn.